Thursday, May 16, 2013

Afternoon Comes Too Soon

I'm getting closer to choosing the cover for my novel, Summer Triangle. I am totally trusting the professional helping me. At first, I had a bit of a preconceived picture in my mind. I gave her just a few snippets of ideas, since this is totally new to me. I am amazed at this final mock-up fitting the essence of my story.
The writer's group asked me what category I write. I am still at a loss to where I fit. My faith is a strong influence in my stories, but I don't want to say Christian Fiction, not that I'm ashamed of being a Christian. Main Street is set in the early 1900's, but I don't really bring the history of the time into it, with no mention of WWI or the Spanish flu. Yet, it could be considered historical fiction. Summer Triangle also defies a genre. Modern day, but not a romance or mystery or any set category. It is life.
Women stories could be my category. So far, I have felt comfortable only with writing from a woman's point of view. I do delve a little into the husband's thoughts, while the main character in Summer Triangle is unconscious, but then leave him alone. I don't want to really be in a man's mind.
After a night of staying up too late, listening and watching You-tube videos of Southside Johnny Lyon, missing my David Lyon, I regret allowing myself to be trapped in the draw of the endless loops. On a crisp spring day, I didn't want to fall into the afternoon turn routine of almost watching the sun come up. Too much to do in the sun and on pay day to waste the morning. Being pay day also means little food in the house, so on we go to a fun place to eat, as I run out of morning time.
My heart is in writing. I got side tracked last night. I felt too tired to concentrate, but not tired enough to go to bed. Tonight, I must, because these perfect mid-spring days don't last forever. Afternoon comes too soon.
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