Friday, April 5, 2013

No Bad Moon Anymore

Writing journey continues. Last month, David and I drove to East Liverpool to a coffee shop to meet independently published writers. Four of them used CreatSpace. We got there a little later than I wanted, because I wanted to make sure they were there that day, as the weather could have been iffy. The sun shone, though cold, in a car, the drive was pleasant.
David and I discussed my old job, as I pointed out many places I drove in Columbiana County. He kept saying,"That is crazy." I agreed, "Yeah, but for a while, it was fun."
Just long days with little time for patient care. More time being paid to listen to the radio. Frustrating, as I couldn't figure out a way to chart while driving. I did meditate often on my writing, though.
I love the hill, valley descending to that old river town of East Liverpool. The bridge spanning the River to West Virginia. I never crossed it. It looms huge and inviting. We wound our way through the old city with too many abandoned buildings. The coffee shop sits on the side of a hill, an old Victorian house. I'd be happy just to sit on their enclosed front porch.
I felt like I walked into my home. These women have books displayed with their names on them. They have made it. Susan Dexter has been doing this for twenty years. She lives in New Castle, Pennsylvania. I feel bad, I don't buy her books, though. The one about Woodstock and Kent State written by three women pulls my interest. Bad Moon Rising, by Debbie Schukert, Cathy Seckman and Darlene Torday.  Helps that we have been listening to some Credence Clearwater Revival. I had little time, as their session ended at one and we only arrived twenty minutes after twelve.
I talked fast about my novels I've written and the one about David and Mary Thompson, weaving the baby beginnings of steel in Shenango Valley, I plan to write when I have the dedicated time to do all the research. Darlene is intrigued and she e-mailed me later.
I am invited to their writing group later this month. I am so excited. I hope to learn much. Maybe get critiques, ideas and suggestions to enhance my writing. I still dream to start a writer's group here in Shenango Valley. But I'll travel to Boardman to begin. It is at one of our favorite places to hang out, Barnes and Noble. The girls can shop for two hours, and still want to stay longer.
I have lost some writing momentum as I adjust to shift work and a new job. I see now as I stay on afternoon turn for this month I will regain my ground. And the sun is shining, as the temperature rises. No bad moon anymore.
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