Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Power of One guess as a writer one has to toot their own horn. I feel sad when a post like the one I wrote on Tuesday, with much prayer ahead of it, seems to get little pageviews or even more than one comment. I wonder at my effectiveness, or lack thereof. With a title of Musings, I haven't established my brand. I do enjoy writing what I feel, yet, I think I haven't found much of an audience without declaring a focus.
The articles about Teddy and the one I wrote on cancer are some of the ones I want to create dialog and thought. I desire to be that agent of change, stirring up a bit of controversy. That may be the problem, I'm too kind. I do think of the other side, maybe too much to be of one side, be it popular or not.
I'm crying out for causes, but do I live them? I think Teddy runs deep with me because I did know the mother superficially. I felt my quiet Christian witness while she cared for one of my patients did nothing. I observed her before she met the man who abused her children. Looking back, I see how her work ethic changed by the end of that summer, shaving a half hour off her paid time, but not on paper.
She didn't work for my company and I told the client she needed to tell Shain's supervisor, not me. As so many old people, they do not want to cause any trouble. But they sure voice their complaints, just not to the right people.
I want the right people to hear my voice. I don't want to always be the preacher, preaching to the choir. Yet, in person, I shy from the controversy. My work environment involves more personal interaction with co-workers, now. I am new to this work place, exploring the territory. I marvel, how at almost fifty two, I still want to fit in, be liked, but that is not my job. I am to lead a shift. I hope to inspire, but I am not naive to feel I can change years of habits.
I also have a strong faith and as I grow older, I am growing less ashamed of the gospel. As the days grow more chaotic, I grow bolder. I do want to speak the truth in love, but the question is what kind of love? When I did a spiritual gifting test many years ago, I tested to be merciful and an encourager. Those are often seen as weak traits. Is Mollie Lyon a push over? That is a bad thing. Don't let those kids walk over you. Don't let the staff fool you. Don't let the patient play you.
I heard a sermon about the Welsh revival in 1904. Many people were changed to the quick of their hearts. Bars and taverns closed due to lack of business. The donkeys in the mines didn't know how to work when treated with kindness. My question is, "What are your donkeys today?" Who in our lives have not learned to respond to kindness? Is it futile to treat those donkeys with kindness to get any thing done?
I was raised with kindness and respect. I truly will treat you that way at first, until I find you are a donkey that knows no other way.
But how can I make a difference? Pray for readers for my blog? One on one or in a crowd? Or as the day leads me? I must walk and live in the Holy Spirit. I must trust in the Lord's leading. I must hope I'm reaching the people who need these words. Each one reach one.
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