Monday, April 22, 2013

How Dark and Deep Do We Go?

The writer's meeting is actually next week. I go on the e-mail list, I hope as changes occur, I will be made aware. I need to chisel time to write. I see that now.
Of course, now, I am trying to do too many things. I'm listening to a podcast from a church in Detroit, Chilly Chilton is the pastor. Now, I'm hearing about burying the hatchet. With his message, freshness blows in.
We have to determine our forgiveness. One thing we do that shows we have not forgiven involves retelling how we have been wronged or hurt.
I always wonder about that. I feel I forgive, yet, how often, I look around, finding the hatchet still in my hand. I find it mostly when I meet new people. Even as I'm telling a story, I wonder if Jesus prevails in the story. I hope to show how to get over a test, but am I showing I'm really not different than anyone else. Not that I'm in a contest with my fellow man, especially the one I share a bed with on the weekends, but I do want to honor God.
A blogger, Anita Mathias pondered how much darkness should be shared during story telling. Do we share the wrongs, so we show redemption? Light does shine brighter as darkness grows stronger. How much do we share, though, and how do we keep bitterness out of the stories of hurt? We have to show a contrast, I believe. The question is how deep do we go?
For a listen to the sermon, Bury the Hatchet.

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