Monday, April 15, 2013

Lost Weekend

Something hit me Friday and kept me in its grip all weekend. One bright side of working afternoons, I don't have a Monday morning to dread. I spent twenty four hours on our living room couch. I would get up feeling my feet were planted on the road to recovery, only to feel the ground sway in  about twenty minutes with queasiness.
I felt bad Saturday night, as just my back hurt and I couldn't relax. I tossed and turned, knowing I was probably disturbing my husband, so Sunday night, I remained on the couch. This morning, I crawled into bed by myself for the needed REM sleep I didn't get on the couch.
So many plans and I watched them delayed on the couch. I must return to the new job this afternoon, in less than an hour. I'm OK. Unless, I throw up, I don't have time to feel sick.
So I will get back on track about my government trips. I had fun looking up the old places. Interesting I think I wanted to be a Murphy Brown. I really am glad for the choices I made. I wasn't made to be a Murphy Brown. I am too rooted in family and marriage in my family to be the single working mother. And with the alcohol Murphy drank, was she happy? Is anyone really happy without Jesus?
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