Friday, April 26, 2013

Chose a Thread

So many threads as I scan through the Gerald Thompson Lewis side of my genealogy researched by my dad's cousin, Becky Ahern. She, too, shares a birthday with me, along with another cousin Freda Likens Smeltzer. I met a distant cousin and I'm trying to find his thread.
My life is feeling like that, too, trying to find the thread. At my new job, I'm finding many connections. Relatives, neighbors, I know. Some have relatives I graduated with. When I found that out about one, I started calling her aunt, because her nieces were in my class. Another man graduated with my mother. Or as I found out last night, a son-in-law is a cousin, who's father influenced my early morning devotional routine. I have fallen in love with all the residents.
My thoughts for my blog also seems to being looking for which thread to use. Following up on my government trips when I was in high school flirts. More on my junior high and senior high birthdays is an option. Then I spend too much time looking on the genealogy. Families and interesting names rushing around the papers. I really need to place these papers in a ring binder. I love the tid bits of family history that Becky included.
That raises more ideas for JT stories about my dad or that generation. Becky talks about swimming, camping, gardening and flowers, high blood pressure and head aches. Now I'm trying to focus on finding the one thread for this cousin.
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