Monday, April 29, 2013


I promise some day to stay on a theme. Maybe. Yet, just by the title of my blog, you know I meander. I promise I do stay on theme in a book or with help of editors I will. Since my birthday, well being has flooded my soul with expectation, even though some life circumstances don't change or actually got worse. As my friend Susan says, "This too shall pass."
Great words, just have to remember them in good times, as well. Half crooked smile spreads on my face. So true. Paul say we should be thankful, give thanks, in all circumstances or things. He didn't mean give thanks for all things. One of many misunderstood verses of the Bible. But I am thankful for a God who has my back (and my front) He goes before me and fights the battle behind me as well. If I learned anything, God loves me. Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so...
I do wish this conquering spirit stayed. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. I'm quoting from Philippians. This four chapter book full of many memory verses from my childhood,I have as an adult, tried to memorize the whole. I used it to describe my mother's last four years, "Content in all things." She truly lived that at Woodland Place.
I look to the future and know that every knee will bow to Jesus name. I put my trust in God and have a peace that passes all understanding. Without grabbing my Bible these life giving verses float into my mind.
Today, the sun still hides behind the clouds. I have to be get ready for work in about an hour and half. A Sunday atmosphere hovers over me, as I rest, yet. The sun is to shine the rest of the week, so I'll make hay, then.
Take some time today to read that little power house of a book in the Bible. You'll find it in the middle of the New Testament. I doubt it will take you long to read it. Tomorrow, I'll pick a thread of what I've been writing and follow it. Today, reflect on God's Word.
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