Thursday, April 11, 2013

Courage Don't Fail Me

Another fear that came from doing our taxes is how financially illiterate I am.  A fear that holds me back from self publishing. CreateSpace asked for a federal tax number. Panic gripped me, one thing detouring my dream.
I suck up my picture of the year, representing courage. I will find out. I will learn about all this financial small business tracking. I will find the right people to help me. Half the battle won by knowing one's weaknesses.
I started once in the home business adventure with Party Lite, selling candles. In earnest I learned about care of candles, burning them safely, decorating, and sales tips as well as encouraging people to join in. I came into that having no idea about tax deductions, didn't even know what to ask or that I had to ask anything on taxes. The tax preparer filled with surprise that I had no deductions. Not a good year then at the tax office.
As I learn how to hone my writing craft, I now will learn the business side. I can do it.
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