Saturday, April 6, 2013

Concert at Fresh Grounds

I'll add actual pictures later. Many people are taking pictures with really good cameras, who do that for a living, that I'll share. Let's just say in color, there are more people here tonight.
I love this coffee house, with the molded metal ceiling and brick walls. Greenville is an old river town, too. Shenango River is a much smaller river, a tributary of the Ohio. Main Street of Greenville surrounded by the old store fronts, actually looks like an old town.
Dave Buchannan and his band, Final Commute of three guitars and a drummer, who is really rocking it tonight, play Christian songs. The youngest member is a thirteen young man, the tallest in the group. I feel connected because I knew his great grandparents,(friends of my parents), his grandparents and his father from high school. The other young man, isn't much older and his dad, on the drums, beats to the spirit.
I looked at Dave, seeing him in his mechanic overalls during the day. Who would think such talent is in this young man? He plays, sings and composes music with the lyrics. This group improves each time I hear them.
The crowd is filled with friends and some different faces I haven't seen. We try to make it as we can to listen to these men lift up worship songs to Jesus between brick walls, as the sound of coffee drinks whir in the background. Is there any thing better? I even got a comfortable cushy chair this time.
Now Dave is singing How He Loves. I absolutely get lost  in this song.
Fun stuff, different styles of a simple song before the last song. Great evening.
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