Monday, February 25, 2013

Vow to My Readers

I'm refocusing my writing. I'm afraid, I may have been lazy the last few months. I pledge to you, my readers, to hone my craft. I only want to improve.
I have sent two novels to be reviewed and edited. Overly confident, I thought one was ready in September to get out there and make money. After a distracting fall, I re-read the first one, seeing how I didn't show the story, I told it. I needed another fresh pair of eyes and a re-look myself.
My dedication to quality drives me. I desire my novels to not be weak or sentimental. I'm not expecting to be on any level with classic authors or even the best sellers, but I want my stories to connect with the reader, uplifting them in some way. I'm excited to have my best on the market to be read.
In this blog, my intentions consist of relaying memories for my family and friends. Maybe these musings encouraged strangers, along the way, as well. This exercise in discipline improves my writing. I try different styles. Some posts stir up controversy to get people to think. Mostly though, I create a mood.
I only want quality. I do apologize for any sloppy writing and not giving my best at times, in an effort to get on the page so my numbers do not lag. I ask you to continue to read as I grow in my writing with more dedication to the craft.

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