Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chasing Structure

I read a woman's post on losing structure to her day. Boy, can I relate to that. If I do not get up before everyone else, I feel lost. I always want that schedule. An hour of prayer and Bible reading or my quiet time. Then, social media showed up. I have a routine with that, e-mail, check Sharon Herald for the deaths, then Facebook. Seems I spend too much time there, scrolling and scrolling. I keep up with friends and statuses. I imagine I'm like the ladies of old, like in Rebecca, keeping up with correspondence after breakfast. We just have different tools.
I wish to post on my blog after writing in my journal. I'd like all this done early, so I could then do chores or walk the dog. I so want to be in some rhythm. I have found over the years, even before social media, distractions always ruin good intentions.
Phone calls used to disrupt the day. My mother, whom I love, when she lived alone, seemed to need something on my day off or would have a medical crisis. I don't mind, just saying that I seemed to never have the routine I craved.
Once in awhile, that would happen. I would have a day that seemed to be in synch. Years ago, in an apartment, on a Saturday, I'd have the cleaning done by noon, grocery shopping then, come home with fresh flowers to place on the clean table. Sun streaming through the ten foot windows. Yes, this is when I lived in an old textile factory. Maybe it didn't happen as much I think I remember it happening.
I made the comment about this desire to my pastor during a Bible study when I lived in Norwich. She said I was a Methodist at heart. I suppose I am. I guess that is why I loved camp. It provides routine, even if just for a short week. Any schedule should include a FOB time. Flat on back or bed or bunk provides time for quiet and reflection in the middle of the day.
Life though throws in other people. Husbands changing shifts, or days off or retirement. Children in summer and days off school. Elderly parents needing something. Neighbors with crisis situations. Life is not routine, which I think is a blessing, as we crave adventure.
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