Sunday, February 24, 2013

Race Against the Clock

We only have a half hour till the Oscars start. I need to write. We use our internet for TV, when we watch and we don't have wireless, yet.
In junior high I started to pay attention to the Academy Awards. I had a boyfriend in ninth and tenth grade. He is very artistic, knew a lot about film making. This was before all the commentaries on DVD's. Heck, this was before beta or VHS. He found books, I guess. But that was his dream to make films. My dream, then, involved me beside him on Oscar night, wearing a black dress, in that auditorium in Hollywood. That is how I watched them, while he was in his own home.
I stayed up late. The show is live and long. All the women then seemed to wear the "black dress." My favorite actors never showed, like Al Pacino. Where were you?
My senior year, in California visiting my sister, I watched them early, like at six in the evening, then they were over early. The next morning, all the minor, I mean very minor stars were on LA talk shows, acting superior, because at least they had a seat at the Awards and had gone to several after parties, looking the worse for wear.
My favorite Academy Award night was when Beauty and the Beast, was nominated, but Silence of the Lambs won best picture. They had animated Bell and the Beast give out one award. Also live action of the first song of the movie. Richard White, the man who voiced Gaston, sang in it. He was very handsome, climbing on the roof of a village shop.
So pop up some pop corn, get small pop (soda for you in any place, but western Pennsylvania), plop down and see the spectacular event of the Academy Awards- twelve minutes to go!
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