Friday, February 15, 2013

A Restful Lunch

I'm getting over bronchitis and I think I have been dragging a bit. Last night, I fell asleep on the couch, and tonight, for a few minutes, I did the same. This winter so far has not been harsh. We noticed near the end of January and now into the middle of February, the daylight hours grow and some days, we even see the sun. I walked last weekend, but the evenings had been busy this week.
Today, I started by being quiet in my living room. The children of my niece laid on our two couches, sleeping peacefully. Did not want them to wake. The sun lit the room, even with the curtains closed, by nine thirty. Little Jacob couldn't sleep any longer. He, too, is a writer and had "dibs" on the computer, composing his dinosaur story with illustrations.
I thoroughly enjoyed my first admission today. The quaint ranch with polished wood. We enjoyed talking. The best part of my job.
I traveled over the country road, even though it is a state highway. Mike Tyson's house stands empty for years. I glance at the house through the gate with his name and wonder what bad vibes live there. Scattered through this part are some Amish homes, but they increase as I head farther north. They look peaceful.
I stop at the End of the Commons General Store in Mesopotamia, or Mespo as the natives call it- for good reason. I know I love the fry pies and the ice cream is divine. I think, though, I better have some food, too. Throughout the wooden floor store, samples of jams, dips and relishes with crackers to try start to fill me up. I peruse the blackboard for the sandwiches, I chose the pulled pork. I also picked out raspberry cheesecake fry pie. How can food taste so wonderful and even knowing the fry pie is laden with calories, yet not feeling them. I don't eat like that often, but oh, my, it felt glorious today.
I sat at a wooden table, an inlaid of old record collections under glass, gazing out the window as the snow floated down, the black Amish buggies rolling over the streets with the old white homes lining the divided roadway.
This general store has all those items not seen often. The penny candy, the old fashioned candy, the different shaped sprinkles, hearts for the holiday yesterday and pastel colored eggs for the next and bright flowers for spring. One hall had a hundred colors of sugar for baking, too. I only had a short time, so I couldn't shop long, but I promised I would be back soon with my family, when I'm not working.
They have to see the architecture. The gabled houses with gingerbread and tiers. The gently rolling land and flat river bottom that has a swamp look. The large wood board horse and buggy structure for the tourist thing of pictures. And we have to get the ice cream, so many flavors to ogle. I had peach a few springs ago. The chocolate chip cookie dough caught my eye this time, but I didn't indulge. I know why I don't come here often. I don't want to leave. 
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