Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Village Green Fair

I keep thinking about junior high and what I can write about. I wonder if I come up blank, because the winter rolled into sameness. In February or beginning of March, the school hosted a Village Green Fair. As a small child, I had no idea what a "Village Green" was. Did the Jolly Green Giant live there? I didn't see him at this event, held in our high school gymnasium, although I expected him.
I was much older when I realized what a "Village Green" was and that West Middlesex didn't have one. We made it up with this fair inside near the end of winter. In those days, less events were planned, so this happening created some excitement.
I, as a seventh grader, looked forward to this year as I could go on my own. I began to get more independence. My clothing theme that night was red and white, with bright cherry lipstick. I didn't own platform shoes like the style, but my shoes were a red and white patent leather with wooden heel. I stepped out in style, maintaining confidence, unusual for a seventh grader. I believe I even chewed a red bubble gum, probably strawberry.
The Village Green Fair, sponsored by the Women's Club or PTO, provided games of chance, very easy games if I recall.  Small ducks with numbers on the bottom waiting to be plucked out of the wading pool. The number corresponded with the prize. Food booths were probably the most popular. This year on my own, I sat a bistro table, imagining I lounged in Paris, watching the peasants come to town or some kind of fantasy.
Now craft shows and art festivals replace these once a year events. We travel more from town to town in our Valley. I enjoy mingling with the community. I love the food. I miss the games of chance.
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