Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rhythms Change

I feel my circadian rhythm is changing drastically. I, as a young mother, loved getting up early. Now, seven in the morning seems too early. As I mentioned yesterday, I slept, knocked right off, on the couch. As I woken, posted on the blog, then freshened up, my daughter and I left to shop at eight thirty at night. The store is opened till ten.
This morning, I crawled out of bed. Saturdays, I always woke early as part of the routine. Teenagers do keep me up in the evening. Maybe that is why waking at five or five thirty is so difficult, I'm going to bed much later and then even reading more than a page of a book before drifting off to sleep.
Last Saturday evening, my husband and I did the same thing of leaving late for our Valentine's Day dinner. I took a shower at six in the evening. We had a wonderful time, pretending to be in New England at Red Lobster and reminiscing about our time in those states. We star gazed and that not only reminded me of when we lived in those crisp climates, but also the first winter we dated, a very cold harsh winter, but also few clouds for those late dates.
Tonight, I'm wandering to downtown for a winter art show. I could have been there at five, but I have till ten. Between four and five, I read, drank some coffee, since I rushed out the door this morning without any. I crave being creative. As I sat down to post such peace flowed over me. I'll freshen and check out the community art.
This change could be seasonal. My problem the last summers have been just not wanting to sleep. I stay up late enjoying the freedom of summer and can't wait to get up to soak in the morning cool and peace. I'm glad I don't live in Alaska.
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