Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Goals Listing

With the new year, of course, I ponder goals. Started yesterday with my picture of COURAGE, also my word for 2013. One blogger, I read today, posted her word as "Publish." Hmm, that is definitely on my list, too.
I want to read the Bible through chronically this year, to get the feel of the whole story. I have an NIV from several years ago, but I prefer the NLT. They have printed a Bible with this theme in the NLT. That is on my list to buy.
Books and authors to explore, always a running goal. I want to read new ones, as well as some old that I have never read before, though, I may be familiar with the story. I want to read more than last year.
Writing new stories, as well as revising the ones waiting. I'm thinking of different angles, edges to themes. I have been having dreams lately of oppression and escaping from captivity. I need to follow the literal dreams as well as the ones I conjure.
Either writing a book or a blog with my daughter this year on an experience that has changed our lives peeks over the horizon. Now, is definitely too early, but sometime this year, a shared writing project hides in the wings.
Anticipating celebrating 500 posts and two years of blogging. I look forward to finding joy in life.
The usual goals pop up on the list, exercise, more consistent walking- Harrison would love, eating less sweets, more fiber, etc. Getting more sleep. Starting to work earlier. Finishing my computer work in a more timely manner.
Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.
In all circumstances, may I be content, rest in the Lord's strength and forge ahead where the Spirit leads.
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