Monday, January 7, 2013

January Thaw

Everyone is talking about the thaw coming this weekend. When I was in seventh grade, we had a real thaw in the middle of January. The temperatures soared to seventy. The sun brightly shone as well. We ran around like it was spring. I loved it.
I had a long brown sweater, a coat sweater, that I wore with my bell bottom jeans, that I had finally. My friend Sherry and I strolled around town, marveling at the warm weather. We walked along the creek, near the cemetery at the end of my street.
We talked about what junior high girls talk about, boys. I still thought I was in love with the Pittsburgh boy, but he wasn't around and few letters arrived from him. So, my thoughts roamed to the upper class men. We giggled about imagined meetings and what would happen. Why do springlike days bring those feelings so strongly?
Even now when we have a break in the weather or spring faintly hints of returning, I'll think of being with my husband, riding bicycles- which we haven't done in over twenty four years, wandering under blossoming trees- nope don't do that, looking at violets- haven't done that alone for quite some time. Yet, I imagine all these lovely activities with the one I love.
I love when I walk, I'll see an older couple holding hands. Then sometimes I wonder have they been married a long time or is this a new romance? Sunshine, spring, warm weather as they say bring thoughts of love.
Wonder what this weekend will bring? Probably mud.
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