Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pennsylvania Style
 After being serious with my whole picture and word posts, I like lightening it up. Yesterday, was the GPS post. Poor Thomas.
Today, as I unwound from a day of feeling light-headed and nauseaous,wondering what this is? Sinus? Some stomach virus? Vertigo? Whatever, not in pain anyways. I checked my Facebook and came across this link from TV station in the eastern part of our state. I laughed and even though, I don't feel much better physically, this helped. Laughter truly is a good medicine.
After examining it, it did flash Sharon, St. Marys, New Castle. Quaker Steak flahses through the Sharon. When they like the Scanton girls- Electric City, The Office, has a second with Michael, Dwight and Jim.
Watching this explains how big our commonwealth is. We have diversity.In the east they call a soft drink, soda. We, here in Western PA, say pop or at least we did.
I love "warsh," "yinz," "dippy eggs," and "scraps" for scrapple- even know what that is?
So my challenge is for some talented musicians to come with a Western Pennsylvania parody. And don't forget the cookie table.

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