Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Post from Last Year on a Quiet Winter's Night

Today, I was again in rural northern Trumbull County on a bright winter day. I love the flat expanse of the white fields laying fallow. Last week, the wood fire smoke drifted into the car. I do love the driving when the weather is fair.
Lots of plans last year. Still working on them, but closer. Almost done with Main Street, revision. I see how much I told, and didn't show. There is a reason we put distance from our writing at times.
A quiet night at home. Mary Ellen plays in the pep band for the basketball games. Katie roams Macy's, working to get her sales goal. Seat time with the writing or computer work for my job. Hm? Yeah, I know bird-in-hand. Yet, part of me just wants to sleep on a quiet winter's night.
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