Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This is my five hundredth post since I started in February 2011. Not quite two years. Celebration time. I'm looking at self publishing two novels this month. I also want to finish one that I started in 2011 and have been languishing on it.
I so enjoy calling myself a writer. The journey has been wonderful. Sometimes I felt discouraged, but I have learned to place it all in God's hands and timing. I am amazed at how events have fallen in place.
So what am I going to do because this is my five hundredth post. Shoot some fireworks? That'd be fun, but no. I think Classy Cat for an outfit may be the ticket.
Keep plugging away at what I love to do. Plugging is not really the word, though, for such joy. Sometimes it is hard, when my head hurts or I'm tired or had an especially long or stressful day. I strive for the day I can make a living doing this. Because I love it.
Celebration and continuation. Lots of reasons. Publishing. Blogging for two years, next month. Feeling good. Maybe, I should get some fireworks!
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