Friday, January 25, 2013


Watching the movie Dave, about a look alike man being tapped to replace the president. Kevin Kline plays the dual role. The real president is not a nice person and has cronies that want to keep power, after the commander in chief falls victim to a massive stroke during an affair.
It is fun. Loaded with many cameos of famous people, senators, news people, Jay Leno. The idea that in our country, any native born citizen can become president appeals to us. We want that inner look of the White House. We want to believe the little guy can win, and get the beautiful lady in the end.
Katie thinks it could have been a Frank Capra movie.
I laugh though at how we perceive what the president does. He is only to be a policy maker. We expect the president to do all kinds of miracles, like creating jobs, promising all kinds of services. Do we expect too much from the person in this office?
I go back to where we need to read the Constitution. Our expectations need to be based on this document. Still, movies like Dave, tickle our fantasy about the house on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It does not instruct, only fuels imagination. Cozy way to spend a Friday night.

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