Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday =Family Nights

I had one of those nights last night. I started out with all kinds of ambition. Posting next on the agenda and I had to go to bed. Ended up in bed until almost seven this morning, dragging myself to greet the day, by making coffee.
It seemed this morning to be one of those days. I wanted to start early, but I needed to go the credit union. Windows on my laptop shut down without warning, I guess it does that. The rain slaughtered my car at times on my way to Ohio and around that area.
The sun by the middle afternoon played with the clouds. I got home, feeling slightly drained, but not sleepy. I plopped on the loveseat, watching Hulu shows from last night. My girls love to do this.
A quick supper of spaghetti and steak, the best my youngest declares. I asked her, "What about breakfast for supper?"
"Well, that's pretty good, too."
Now we're waiting to make brownies, served with vanilla ice cream. Soon, snuggling up with my family to watch Sunday evening show. Friday nights are family nights and so worth the wait.
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