Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Voice to Carry On

As I read the Melody Green's biography on her husband, Keith, No Compromise, I couldn't help thinking of my senior year and all the ideals I had then. At first, I was a bit distracted by the not stellar writing, but trying to be the nonjudgmental person, I overlooked it. Well, I thought how I could write it a little better, then I became drawn into the story and soon overlooked the writing style.
Keith came on the scene of Christian music in the late 70's. I had recommitted my life to Jesus the end of January 1979 at Seneca Hills. A winter retreat for the Covenant Presbyterian youth group nestled in the northwest hills of Pennsylvania with snow, fire places, food contests, fellowship and inspiring talks.
I looked then to the new industry for my music to glorify my Lord. Being an album freak, I bought as many as I could, Amy Grant, Daniel Amos, Don Francisco and Keith Green, promoted as the Christian Billy Joel. The man could play the piano. It is amazing that he didn't break into the music industry until after his search for spiritual fulfillment culminated in Jesus.
And sing Keith did, as well as being a prophet trying to wake Christians up from slumber in the pews. He and his wife tended to pick up strays and basically had a commune in California. I remembered my first trip to California in 1979. A beautiful trip, where I could see the spiritual climate of all that could be followed was. I enjoyed growing closer in my relationship with Jesus on this trip, enjoying the bright early sunshine, reading my Bible and one of the most intimate communion services I had ever attended.
I have a picture of the Rosewood Guitar business because after I graduated from high school, I attended a young adults Bible study in this home. Jim Twerdy and his wife also had a ministry there in this rambling old home. They had a couple of small children and a young woman lived there caring with the children as her help to their mission, as she also learned ministry tips.
I imagined this would be a great way to live, serving the Lord with my husband. The whole cotton dresses, peasant tops and sandals, making my own bread and counseling young girls. It really came from the hippie, seventies.
I admired Keith's passion, dedication and ever striving to live a life for God. He wanted everyone to be as dedicated. His zeal could turn people away. Interesting in his last months, he truly felt content, believing in the love finally of his Lord. He accepted the grace. He relaxed, but did lower his standards of discipleship, holiness.
To know a life snuffed out so early raised many questions, but Melody couldn't dwell there. For one thing she had a baby girl and another on the way, when Keith and their two other children died in a Cessna 414 crash, July 1983. He was twenty eight.
Like with Peter Marshall, I wonder if these strong voices had not been snuffed out, what would have happened. Melody explains the generation that follows is that voice. The light has been passed on, as Elijah with Elisha. Enjoy a taste of Keith's singing in this song...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIgVU_5FsqA
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