Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Open My House to You

Quick, I don't know what to post today! I have my Bible Study coming over in a hour. It's the first this fall. Will I have new people coming?
I panic because I still have a clutter problem. Oh, if only I had more time. I did well for a nano second, it seems. I've gotten comfortable with my group now. They know my faults. They love me, I hope. They keep coming back.
I believe this stems from my childhood. Mom always fretted about her house. We all worked together on Saturday morning, but she never relaxed. We entertained often, though. She never felt, though, the house measured up to those new ones. She didn't have Mcmansions with which to compare her beautiful home.
Why do we feel this way? Women work now. Yet we put great emphasis on perfection. I want my home to feel comfortable, but if I'm not easy sitting in my living room, thinking a guest may be spying that long cob web or looking at the dust on my stand, that vibe will transfer to her. Does the animal smell bother my guests or am I overly sensitive? My niece knows to take her Benadryl before she comes or as soon as she gets here.
So I open my arms as people come. Don't look at my desk/dining room table. Someday that will be clear for the cats to knock off the decorations. Don't look at droopy curtains. I'll be energized some day to buy vertical blinds. Do admire the pictures of loved ones. Do enjoy each others company and the food.
Mostly I pray that a guest will be surrounded by the love of Jesus. That peace will fill her soul. I want her to sit back, relax and learn more of our Savior. Now, mostly, I need that.
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