Saturday, September 1, 2012

Let's Go to Wally World

I keep forgetting as we rewatch older movies that what was funny when I was twenty are a little on the vulgar side now. The unnecessary nudity, the drug jokes and sexual no so innuendo and language populate the movies. Family values they tried, but it was the early 80's.
Reminds me of the time that Grandma Lyon visited with my in-laws to Ray and Kathy's. Movie rentals just became a new thing. Ray thought back to movies he watched in college. Hmm, Blazing Saddles, that was a western, right? The family sat down to enjoy this night of entertainment, when Ray realized that college humor is not what you want to watch with your eighty-something old grandma. He had forgotten the content.
I'm feeling that now with my children, who probably have seen worse on the internet. All they can say is how different this would be if they had cell phones. I'm laughing because so much couldn't be said today, like the young girls having joints, the young boy drinking a whole can of beer, and the incest, child sexual abuse reference that passed for humor. We are in so many ways more sensitive, no smoking in movies, now. Yet, so much other more detrimental themes dominate movies.
Back then they prayed, maybe, not correctly, but closer to what we say in church. Now if movies are too Christian, that can get a stronger rating. Maybe we were better when we didn't take ourselves so seriously. Let's go to Wally World!
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