Monday, September 3, 2012

Bulh Day 2012

Hickory High School Marching Band

My niece and great niece

My great niece

My other niece and her niece

Crowd listening to concert

Shenango Valley Chorale

Sharpsville Marching Band

Sharpsville Marching Band

West Middlesex Marching Band, Gracie in the corner

It was a beautiful day again for Buhl Day. Years and years of tradition, where we stood for the parade at different times, who played the concerts, the fireworks all tumbled into our memories today. The cars used to park all the way to our house from the park. Not so much, now. The parade started our day, as more traffic than usual traversed around our neighborhood. As like last year, we stood with Lori and the kids, joined by her friend and kids.
David walked down to get the ribs and I met him in the van at the edge of the park so they would be hot when we got them home. The fries were hot, too. Later I enjoyed a thirty two ounce lemon shake. Sweating and powder sugar covering my clothes from the hot funnel cake created the best feeling in  the world at that moment as I listened to the concert in the Performing Arts Center.
Ending the day as cool breezes stirred and the Shenango Valley Chorale invited us to sing The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Fewer people joining in, still a wonderful sight as the sun filtered through the leaves. Another Buhl Day put to rest with not a storm or rain cloud in the sky.
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