Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jesus Is on the Move

Last week, one of the young ladies posted a picture of her father walking into church and standing during worship. Four months ago, he had a massive stroke. Life hung in a fragile balance, but prayer ascended to heaven swiftly with the prayer chain, and we prayed in church, too. The prognosis declared he may not live and if he did, he wouldn't be the same. Four months later he is back in church on his own two legs.
I noticed last Sunday, at our Youth Pasta Dinner after service, a man sitting at the table. He, too, this winter suffered a severe infection, placing him on a vent. Many close calls from death knocked on his hospital door, but death couldn't conquer him. We prayed and prayed for him, too. Now, he, too, walks into the church building.
I'm sure you could tell me of miracles in your church, as well. I became very encouraged by just these two men last week. Also, a friend has a newborn bull, who's twin was born dead. The bull is only twenty pounds. They are normally ninety. He shouldn't have made it twenty four hours. With nursing care, tender loving devotion and a plea for prayer, even for an animal, he is still alive, over a week later. He is having a set back today, so I'm praying again for Amos. Amos means strength. To me, this Amos is a symbol of God's love.
I have felt a healing in myself this week, as well. My body, lighter, no thick jello to move through or sludge in my veins, lifts me to a positive level. The weight lifted without me realizing. I didn't fight to throw it off. My feet dance freely.
September always represented a new year, a new leaf, a new chance when my life centered on school. The Jewish holidays of new year, feast of trumpets, and Day of Atonement occur in September. Many books depict great change as fall approaches, like outbreaks of war, the end of a growing season, a new room in a life. September carries charged atmosphere. Does God work more in this time of year or  does He allow us to see His working more?
Maybe my imagination plays overtime. Something waits in the wings, orchestrated by Jesus. I tingle as I see His movement. I think of Narnia, always winter and never Christmas. My emotions lived in Narnia this year. But I see the buds on the trees, still tight, some snow quickly melting, the river roaring with the new run off. It is early spring spiritually, but new life  crouches, ready to jump us.
As Beaver said, "Aslan is on the move."
Are you ready?

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