Thursday, September 20, 2012

Late Summer Day

This is one of those days I just don't feel well. Nauseous most of the day, teaching two patients what works for that queasy feeling. I struggle to keep the eyes open on my way home. I thought, well four of my visits are completed and verified. I immediately crawled into bed. Such a crisp late summer day spent with two cats curled up with me. I can't blame it on the weather.
The windows opened allowed the bells of a nearby church sing out the six o'clock hour. The clouds gathered, limiting the sun. Then the lawn service unloaded the mowers and windows closed by Mary Ellen, claiming allergies. I love to listen to the carillon sound out the hymns. I feel I live in a city with those near by.
In West Middlesex, Good Shepherd announced the time with bells, too. Eight in the morning, noon time and six o'clock had different number of chimes. Tuesday evening, the fire station tested the siren at seven o'clock. This time of year that served as the alarm to head home.
I tested that when I was in second grade. I stayed at my friend, Tracy's house to watch The Nanny and the Professor, season opening. I made it home after dark around eight. Dad was working. Mom, angry that I disobeyed the rules, got out the pancake turner. Such an infrequent event, that I didn't understand bending over the stool. I received a rare spanking. I didn't ignore the street lights or siren again.
The lawn mowers are gone. I hear the little girls' exclamations as they are outside with their parents. School is routine. Kids are already wanting to stay home. Unfortunately, staying home curled up with a cat all day is no excuse. I wanted to do that today as well.

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