Sunday, September 9, 2012

Eleven Years of Honor Star Crowning

In our fellowship we have a girls ministry called Missionettes. The group is from Rainbows, the pre-school to a Girls Only club if the interest is there for teen age girls. The Stars welcome third, fourth and fifth grade females. If a girl does the extra honor steps of memorizing all the twenty seven verses, attend the club meetings, learn our foundations of faith, along with other requirements, a ceremony is planned for them at the end of the three years.
Both of my daughters achieved this honor. Katie was in the first class to have it in our church for many years. I likened it to a Bat Mizpah. She, with six other young ladies, had their ceremony in September, not long after September 11. The country experienced a spiritual rawness. The worship that evening moved my heart. The mothers wrote letters to our girls that were read while their fathers escorted them down the aisle as pictures of them growing glowed on the screen. Fancy white gowns, their hair done by a professional hair dresser, manicured nails adorned the girls on the white runner. I missed my dad, yet realized if he hadn't died, I most likely would not have left my childhood church.
My younger daughter participated in this honor five years later with other girls having their special night. The weekend has been compared to a wedding. The girls work so hard toward this night of honor. The sponsors busied all weekend to make a special night for the girls.
Gena and Miss Stephanie, Missionette  coordinator
This morning the ceremony during church brought this program to attention of the congregation. The girls, in their beautiful white gowns and shoes, hair done up, marched down the aisle with their mothers. I grinned from ear to ear. I noticed six honor stars from the years past. A wonderful event to mark girls passage into womanhood shared by many girls.
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