Friday, September 14, 2012

Early Mother's Day

Watching my great niece overnight brought so many memories. She woke easily, which usually isn't the case. I prepared her breakfast. We sat at the kitchen, eating together. I did that with my girls every morning. The sweet seven year old voice told me antidotes, as her pumpkin, Bob, from the last night open house, observed her eating.
She dressed quickly. I was happy her cut is short as dragging a brush across her head didn't pull any hair. She smiled with a toothless grin as I rejoiced at how easy that was. Her socks seemed harder than TED stockings to put on her, so each of us doing a foot as planned ended up not working. She pulled the black backpack with pink Hello Kitty designs as big as her body, then trooped down the steps to the mini van.
I kept telling her how this reminded me of Katie and Mary Ellen, as I was blessed to drive them into school, the same building. I turned around when we were in the driveway and told her I always pray for the girls(I still do for Mary Ellen), placing my hand on her leg as I asked for blessing over her. Then the door slid open, I watched the long skinny legs carry such a sweet little girl to the glass doors.
I smile as she seems to love school. She is eager to learn. She voiced her disappointment that she left Bob on our table. She had promised a friend that they would always bring cool things into school. I told her I was sorry, but sometimes those things happen. She didn't over react.
I floated around this morning as this had been fun experience. I love being a mom, caring for my children and resented the work that took me away from those responsibilities. I desire for this as much as for my writing. I long for energy even as I work. I had some periods when I was able to be a homemaker. I believe the reason I relished these times, as I knew they would be short and I had a great paying job waiting for me when I had to return to work. The best job to me has always been being a mother. What a wonderful privilege raising the next generation granted to mothers.
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