Sunday, September 30, 2012

Animals Enrich My Life

Animals enrich our lives in so many ways. My dog, Harrison, loves to do tricks. He lights up when I get the treats out. Sadly, I don't do this often enough. When I still penned him as a puppy, I taught him for an hour before I got ready for work. Tonight, he backed up to me to scratch his lower back, but some sensitive area caused him to growl. I reached for some Milk bones to get his mind off his allergic reaction to flea bites. Not only did this animate him, but Steven, the Siamese cat, also jumped to attention. He stands straight up, like a meerkat. As these two closely eyed me, I thought is this great?
Earlier in the evening, we took a ride to Greenville, driving through Transfer. Our neighbor's sister lived in Transfer, on a farm. I wanted a kitten, after HoChi died in the spring of sixth grade. One night, the neighbor, Jane, drove my mom to the farm. Romeo came to us because he was the only one Mom could catch. For a wild farm kitty, Romeo quickly warmed up to us.
I chose the name Romeo because Mary Katherine Crosby, Bing's daughter, had a cat, Romeo. I saw it in some magazine and thought that was pretty cool. I decided then to call the cat that, whatever one I got.
Romeo was a sweet little white kitten, who saw me through most of high school. He accepted my toy miniature poodle a few years later. We let him go outside, it does save on the kitty litter. My dad, God bless him, changed the litter box hidden way below in our basement.
With Romeo's white coat, I often washed him with a blue shampoo for white pets. Darlene, the dog groomer, taught us about that. When I took a bath, he circled the tub, unafraid of the water. 
During the bicentennial year with all the celebrations, we surmised someone kicked Romeo in the head. He would be across the street, unable to find his way home. He started walking crookedly. He just never was the same and my parents had him put down.
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