Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life's Curve Balls

Life overcomes writers at times, so they only live. I'm in that phase right now. I journal and written a few e-mails the last few days. I have served on jury duty. I absorbed the elegant courthouse of Mercer County. I observed and interacted with the jury. But no writing. I tuck it away for later.
We also had the perfect night for the Mercer County Band show. I love September with wonderful weather. Sitting in the stadium that my mother cheered her team, on stone bleachers with wider spaces than the new steel ones.The colorful band uniforms under the bright lights in the darkening sky thrill me.
Because of my great nephew being sick, I took his sister to her open house. I relished the fun being back in the Artman building. Those years filled with great memories from my girls.
Now I have a cute little blonde girl on my couch. Actually this is quite fun. And Jacob is on his way home from Pittsburgh Children's Hospital. Life throws those curve balls that writers watch then some day put down on paper.
And this is only a little bit of what is happening, but we're all tired and trying to go to sleep.

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