Saturday, September 15, 2012

Magic of Michelle

About a year ago I stayed at my niece's home in California. She fought hard and crunched numbers so she could stay home with her children. That in and of itself is a marvelous feat for a homeowner in California. She looks at this time as her present job. She wakes early to shower and be dressed for her day, as any professional would.
She prepares healthy meals for her family. She walks her children to their schools. Another advantage of the constant sunny weather. She herds them to get ready for school, calmly solving disagreements.
I observed her ease of movement through the day. The chores are done in a timely manner with no complaint. She stands at the laptop to catch up a little on face book and my blog. She doesn't sit to watch daytime TV. She maintains her home since her husband works hard at construction jobs, sometimes traveling far or in that infamous LA traffic.
Her purpose is her home, raising godly children who will be good citizens. Order comes with peace as she rules. She reads to her children. I felt like her day had the rhythm of a dance that she enjoyed.
Evening came and children to bed early. She spreads on the couch to watch some favorite TV shows with her husband, after making sure every thing is ready for the next day. I thought this is the magic of Michelle.
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