Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Fun Day

That's me in the green hat looking at the map of events
As much as I hate winter and freezing, I must admit it can have some fun. Yesterday was one of those days. Buhl Park had Winter Fun Days, a community gathering that warmed my heart. Katie felt like she was in an episode of The Gilmore Girls. She entered the chili cook-off with 9 other entries. I savored all of them and must confessed I liked hers the best, although Chicarrino's placed a very close second in my book. That wasn't the book read, though.
We stood by the fire toasting marshmallows over the wild fire, especially when the wind blew up, fanning those hot flames. I saw more black marshmallows than at a Girl Scout camp out. Katie roasted me a darkly browned one that was perfect. I know I didn't want the fire to burn down to coals.
We opted out of the Clydesdale horse drawn wagon ride. I took pleasure in seeing the huge horses, but the thought of just sitting on a wagon, well, I'll try that in the fall with a blanket. People seemed to be enjoying the ride.
I loved the huskies and their enthusiasm to work. In the howling and whining of the loud dogs, I could almost hear, "Pick me! Pick me!" They were chained from youngest to the oldest. The pups started at seven months old, tan and white, to the older dogs colored black and white. Hauntingly blue eyes appeared to look into my soul. Some dogs were friendly, others shy, skittish, but no mean ones. They also created quite a stir when any dog strolled by. We laughed that they voiced concerned over a fat dachshund, black and tan. Once four were hitched to the sled, they took off like a bullet, as the saying goes. Before you knew it, they were back from their round.
Lori and the kids joined us. The kids were dressed colorfully. Gracie in pink, Jacob in lime green pulling each other on his blue sled. Then they pleaded with Katie to be their sled dog. She also took a few spins down the ever popular sledding hill, even with the new trees edging out the down hill. Cars park along Hazen all along the hill, so the passengers could just jump in the sledding fun.
We spent three hours in the cold with wind whipping through us. Today, the sun shone so brightly, but yesterday, we had brightness of community and I imagine this new holiday will grow and grow, like Buhl Day on Labor Day.
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