Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little League

Oh, yes, yesterday, I thought of spring 1973 and boys. Who says I can run out of inspiration? I'm sure some days I do, but some thought always leads to another.
Part of the whole boyfriend finding ritual involved showing up at public events they participated, like Little League games. Watching the boys in those white uniforms that got dusty with the fly away dirt took up many after school hours. Occasionally, I'd get a smile from the boy of the week. They probably appreciated the fan base.
I didn't ignore the food, either. Bottle caps, twizzlers, chocolate candy bars provided the healthy fare. The sun blazing hot in late spring, cracking those bottle caps between the teeth, I hoped to catch a glimpse of the boy in the dug out. The real reason to go to the concession stand.
Sweesey field sat next to the pool, an easy walk. The VFW field out of town a bit on State Route 18 South meant getting a ride. Sometimes a mother took me or my dad may have drove me. If I sat with the mother, I didn't munch so much on all the candy. I tried to ingratiate myself to her. That boy played catcher, all in his armor of the game. Still, I could see the smile behind the mask.
In junior high, boys basketball games filled the winter after school activity. We sat in the half bleachers, cheering the boys and I day dreamed of being with the boy sharing congratulations. I day dreamed too much.
I never liked a football player. Only briefly did I consider a relationship with someone I didn't even know, just his very much older brother, who was friends with my brother-in-law. I romanticized that totally non-existent knowledge of each other.
Sounds like I was boy crazy. To some extent I was probably, but like most people, I was looking for that special person I could love. I would stay with one, if that had occurred.  In my mind, I was preparing for my one and only. I was surrounded by young couples at this age, my sisters, my brother coming home every weekend to be with Jody, my brother-in-law, Herman's sister in a fresh relationship. And my parents had such a loving partnership. I wanted this more than anything at that time.
At this time, there were young girls in committed relationships. One is still married to her older man with two young men, now.  Jody knew when she was thirteen, she would marry my brother. I believe in love. It seemed to happen for these girls.
I'm friends today with one of the Little Leaguers, the other I lost track. My husband being five years older than I, it would not have been good if I knew him in 1973 or '74 when he graduated. Amazing how a few years make all the difference.
I think of Song of Solomon's admonition to the daughters of Jerusalem- "Do not awaken love until it's time." Problem is girls sometimes think it's time and make decisions they regret. Pray for any young girls you know who may have the stirrings of love that need to go back to sleep. Pray for the purity of our young women.

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