Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Challenge Met

It still amazes me how quickly I can write words. Writing the novel in November and watching the word count go up thrilled me. Tonight I wrote the ending for Vindy's Valentine Writing Contest, eying the count, to not go over. It used to seem daunting to write a limited number of words.
Just last year, I entered the first contest in a long time. The word limit was 500 and I felt limited, nervous about finishing a story. My practice began. Then the blog's genesis the next month kept me writing.
This year, the count was larger. I thought and thought about the story's ending and then writing came fairly easily. My hardest part of the process is understanding the technical aspect of getting my story from where I wrote it to my e-mail. At one point, I thought I lost it, but I recovered the story.
So it is in cyber mail to Barb Shaffer at the Vindicator's Society room well before the deadline. Now, I wait. Will it be like last year when I read who the winners were on the Sunday before Valentine's Day or will I get a call from Barb?
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