Saturday, August 16, 2014

Launch Day

Nervous energy, yet I feel calm and peaceful. The weather is cool right now. The shirt I planned on wearing, actually bought almost a year ago- I have worn it- is in Scranton. I picked out another shirt.
All seems to be in line. I received many good wishes last night at the opening celebration. Curtis Farster, emcee, also gave me a great description.
What a celebration. The parade had great floats. Dan and Pam Grundy drove a car with sign about Grundy service station- 1950-1994. The Williams family loading down a semi trailer and not a small one. How awesome to be part of a great big family and come together for a float in your home town.
The fireworks spectacular, the best outside of Disneyland. Even my husband who had been burned out on fireworks from being in a drum and bugle corp, agreed wholeheartedly, they were the best.
We parked on Haywood Street by my old house. We walked to the new stadium after the parade, then hiked back after the fireworks. In some ways, felt like nothing had changed. Well, we know the sign post bent thirty seven years ago hasn't changed. I remarked, "No wonder I was so thin in high school, all these hills, hoofing it everywhere." Yeah, if I wanted to go anywhere, I walked in town. I loved it.
This was posted on Facebook for Assemblies of God one hundredth anniversary, but I think it speaks to my situation this weekend as well:
Photo: Our memories must not be greater than our dreams. -George O. Wood #AG100See you at booth 20!
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