Friday, August 29, 2014

Support Local

Hard to believe it has been two weeks since I had that nervous energy of my first book launch. I did very well. The weather came through beautifully. And I sold out my books.
That leaves me a good problem. I have to order more. I can't afford "the discount." I'm always amazed at how much money one has to spend to "save" money. But I am not complaining. I am happy with how the book looks, feels and reads. Many read it. I heard comments, "Hard to put it down." "I really loved it." "We really had the KKK in West Middlesex?"
Yes, Virginia, we did. The next night, pictures of a conclave posted on the site, "You know you're from West Middlesex if..." sparked a dialogue. Those images got under my skin making me feel uneasy. I imagined another novel, picking up with the publication of Main Street with a successful launch and being targeted by "Haters." Only I hope it wouldn't be real. Writers are strange people, I'm finding out that I am different with some of those kind of thoughts.
I had a two part interview with Dorothy Jones about her growing up, first on Furnace Hill, then moving out to Wet Track Road, outside of West Middlesex. She attended the Liberty School on Main Street, that the Sloan children walked to, until eighth grade, then walked down Sieg Hill to catch the trolley into Farrell where she graduated from that high school in 1936. At almost ninety six, she is remarkable. I know I only scratched the surface.
During World War II, she lived mostly in New York City, as an coder for the Navy. Those were fascinating stories, too. I just wrote and wrote as she talked. Her daughter taped it, as well. I'm sure someone like Dorothy will show up in my JT stories.
Today, I strode in Leana's Books and More. I had some questions about how they ordered books. Since Main Street is through Westbow Press, I hoped they could purchase some with other orders. I learned a capsule about independent book store business. Vince also found out Main Street in on their website at ten percent discount and ninety nine cent shipping. Summer Triangle is not on the web site.
That made me wonder if other independent book stores have Main Street on their web site. If you are not from this area, check out your local book store's web site and let me know if it is.
Some more exciting news I will share next time. I keep looking for the positive. My picture for the year of abundance appears ever in my vision. I returned to it for my profile picture on Facebook.
 Product Main Street: A Gables and Gingerbread Story
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