Monday, August 4, 2014

Life is Not a Fairy Tale

I find now, I'm fighting the urge to have one of my people (I just read some quotes by Hemingway and he didn't want to call them characters, makes sense) come quickly to the Lord. I don't want it to seem pat. I want good things for this couple, but life doesn't always have good things, does it?
I read a book Glorious Ruin by Tullian Tchividjian, a book I have to reread. Ever since my mom had cancer, I have been interested in why Christians suffer or as the book title popular at that time asked, Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? It really didn't answer the question. Tullian's seemed to answer it the best for me. One quote, "God has us call, 'uncle,' so we cry, 'Abba, Father.' Of course, if you don't understand God's love, that seems self centered of God. Reading Job in the Bible raises many questions about why we suffer. Tullian proposed one meaning, to wipe away the explanation or idol of knowing 'Why' so Job would focus on the 'Who.'
In my little created world, I again want no troubles. Being a writer, I know you can't have a story without conflict. And being an optimist, I want victory. In a small way, I think God must feel this way. He wants victory for His children. Yet, we have to learn that the stove is hot and we get burned if we touch it or we really don't learn the lesson.
I long for my person to be swept away with the love of God. He is cynical. He has had a rough year and can't see the use of believing. Well, not yet, anyways. Will he? Just like people, some come easy, like I did. I always said, "God gave me the gift of faith." Still, I struggle with the worrying, a lack of faith. Some can't seem to believe at all, with explanations and deep thoughts. I wonder at how to reach all. Oh, yeah, my job is to be a witness and let the Holy Spirit do His work.
I want my writing to be real. So even though, I desire the fairy tale, I resist. Life is not a fairy tale, even in Storybrooke, Maine. (Once Upon a Time) A great start to a wonderful writing week I hope today proves.
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