Friday, August 15, 2014

Where It Was All Imagined

I launch Main Street tomorrow where it was all imagined, the West Middlesex Sesquicentennrial. I can't say I wrote it there, nor even started it there many years ago. No, Main Street jumped out at me in Hermitage and driving the many miles and hours in Ohio while I worked home health.
This novella created in secret became my first complete work I deemed worthy of being read. I sat at the PC in early morning or solitary evenings writing a scene. Then I would dream as I drove on my job. For inspiration, I ventured to West Middlesex to feel the Main Street with vague recollections of a much earlier time that passed much too quickly for me to remember completely. Pictures I saw one Sunday at the one room school house in the 1938 and 1939 West Middlesex  Oracle yearbooks showed me Main Street hadn't changed much to the early 1960's. The drastic changes occurred in the 1970's, with all the renewal so many communities tolerated. I reached back to those early years of childhood to imagine my town in the early 1900's.
I'm excited to return to memories. I anticipate seeing many faces from my past. The town of my childhood and some adulthood. The parade tonight and opening ceremonies under a cool clear sky, I wonder what to wear. I know I have to wear red, as the school colors are red and white. Will they ring the Liberty bell from the old school that I don't remember, but figures in Main Street? I do remember the gym as many nights for youth group occurred there, as well as our wedding reception. The gym was bought by my childhood church. Before that, I remember the Halloween parade ending there, the year Danny dressed as a mummy.
I do feel this is a full circle, like I wrote yesterday. I'm grateful for all who have encouraged me to have a booth at the celebration. From Linda Redmond (Babos), Curtis Farster and Vicki Partridge, still sorry she wasn't one of my English teachers, but I know she was tough and hopefully saw sparks in other students. Becky Ahern for recording some of my family history in Great Depression West Middlesex that helped with the atmosphere I have for Main Street, I thank you.
Say, "Hi!" if you see me tonight. Stop by Booth 20, between candy and wine.
Coffee mug sold by the Women's Club many years ago- I think 1996. Mom bought us all ones and her cleaning lady, too, who graduated from West Middlesex High School

tomorrow. Give me stories. I may use them or not. I'm always researching.
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