Thursday, November 15, 2012

Simply Being Together

It's funny how I miss my mother, but not what she could do for me. I miss her presence. I just miss being with her. I was thinking more of the last years she was on this earth, when she couldn't take me out to lunch, couldn't give me money for one of my daughter's activity. In a way, she couldn't do anything for me, but love me. I didn't even need to tell her my troubles or worries.
With her living in a skilled nursing facility, there really was nothing I needed to do for her, either. I couldn't investigate the care, because she didn't complain. I didn't need to do that as her care was loving and excellent. I didn't have to fill pill boxes for her. I didn't have to worry if she dropped pills on the floor. She was bathed and fed. Someone was always there for her.
I could visit her, loving her. We didn't even need to talk sometimes. Just sit together. In the early years there, I could take her for rides. She loved to ride by the old Thompson farm, through Coolspring Township where she spent her summers growing up. She was content to go anywhere and we just loved being together.
I think in a way this is what God wants from us. He wants to sit with us. He eagerly blesses us at times, but I think He prefers when we come into His presence only to be with Him. We don't want anything from Him and He requires no service from us. We are simply together.
When is the last time you were comfortable simply sitting together with someone you loved? When is the last time you just did this with God?
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