Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Joy of Writing

I am pleased with my NaNoWriMo writing this month, even though I have been behind since day three. The writing has taken a turn different than I had planned, but as with all expression, my feelings are being explored. I need this more than I thought.
I may rewrite this novel totally differently next month as I go back to what I intended. Or I may leave it basically as is. I just know now I have to finish by Friday evening at midnight. I want this task under my belt this year.
I would like to start a writing group in this area or be the municipal liaison in a Shenango Valley region. The first goal of finishing must be accomplished. If it is not, the writing has been fun and enlightening. I love writing fiction. Through characters I can explore varying emotions and thoughts, plus write out song lyrics to play in my head all night long. I am always amazed at how it fits together, themes and symbols without me planning it out completely. Back to frenzied writing. Oh, and cleaning and meetings and walking the dog sometime in this snow.
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