Saturday, November 24, 2012

First Snow

I wasn't sure what to write about and the snow came. I could write about that I thought. The first snow and even as adults, we feel a magic with first snow.
Then as I checked Face Book, the History Channel posted that today in 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald was shot. So from nothing I wanted to share to two topics, here we go.
Danny always stayed home with me during church when I was little because he didn't like church and I didn't like nursery.  We did go to Sunday School. We still lived down Main Street in the house that isn't there any more. The church isn't there any more, either. An alley separated our house from the church. I saw the time on the post as 12:20 PM. I'm wondering now if that were Eastern or Central.
My mom told the story that as they entered the house from church, Danny greeted them, excited by the event he witnessed on TV, "Jack Ruby just shot Lee Harvey Oswald."
I remember dreaming about Jack Kennedy. He was in a tall, institutional green room. Somehow I knew he was dead in my very young mind. Not sure if I really knew what dead was, but I just remember seeing him.
I dreamed of my grandfather after his death, too, of him being in a heavenly choir, with glowing white robes and gold shining background. Funny because I don't really remember him singing and he definitely didn't go to church or sing in a choir at church. He had a wonderful Welsh voice, even took singing lessons with Dana School of Music. But I think my young mind wanted to think of him in Heaven.
Now, back to some fun stuff of childhood. The first snow of the season. To wake and see even a dusting for the first time in late fall filled this child with wonderment and excitement. When I was about four,  a heavy frost thrilled me. Children in the North equate snow with Christmas. That must be why we secretly love to see the first snow, even as adults. I like it now, if I can sit on my couch and not drive in it.
We loved it in seventh grade because we still were allowed to walk on the hill beside the school for changing classes. This saved much time, rather than jostling through the halls if you had gym or study hall in the auditorium, and the next class was in the junior high wing. Getting through those halls in four minutes seemed almost impossible to new seventh graders. The hill provided a wider space and we got fresh air. Late November, the snow, fluffy and light, fell on one of the last days we could be outside. We jumped and skipped, relishing the fun of snow.
First snow, how lovely. It covers the dullness of barren trees as the sun grows weaker. Our sins are covered, too, with the blood of Jesus and as the Bible, says, then we are whiter than snow. Could that also be why we thrill inwardly at first snow? Even if we don't realize the forgiveness of Jesus? As it ushers in the Christmas season, where I believe the world is open to the giving personality of the Holy Spirit, the snow symbolizes forgiveness, too. A new start, open your heart to Jesus this Christmas season. Rejoice in Him, as a child rejoices in the first snow.

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