Friday, November 9, 2012

Real Musings

Somewhat at a quandary as to what to post today. I'm excited about my NaNoWriMo novel. I have put the most of me into the character, but she is not me. Her name is Maria Wilson. The setting is modern day, in eastern Ohio, because I did want to distance myself some from her. Is the park setting Mill Creek Park? Probably not. This is a fictional account-hence fiction. I always think of Dragnet, when I write.
But writing one's experience is easier. I chose this story of modern day family so I could just let the words flow. Part of NaNoWriMo is frenzied writing. Katie took up this challenge for a few years and when she sees me lifting my head to chose a word, she prompts "purple." You see the key is to just write, then edit later. That is just a bit hard for me. I find though if I read a little of what I wrote the day before, I have missed a word or two and that adds to the word count.
I feel I need a break from the election and my memories today. A little break. I find with my novel, I write so much, then as I told Katie, "I have to let it breathe." Before a particularly rough scene, I left it alone for the night, because I didn't want to dream about it. Imagining it and writing it was enough for me.
I'm behind a few words to meet the target of 50,000 on November 30. I want to get ahead as we know how a month can bring challenges we're not expecting. I hope to finish this year and be a municipal liaison next year for Shenango Valley. I love writing and I have found I inspired two ladies to start a blog.
So on to Summer Triangle. Memories start tomorrow again. Can we all use a little high school?

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