Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Word to Sad Friends

This is a post for my friends who are sad about the election. I wanted to download a picture of an eagle with its head bent over and the caption "Sad day for America" but I can't figure it out and I don't want to waste time doing that.
I have felt strongly though that just as I encourage Christians to read the Bible daily to hear from God and to know what it says, that Americans need to know the Constitution. How else can we pray for those in authority with a working knowledge of what is expected of them?
So I signed up to take a free college course on the Constitution from Hillsdale College-
1 Timothy 2:1-4 encourages us to pray for our leaders so we may live peaceful and quiet lives. I read this a few months ago and I repented that I too often didn't do this. I get caught up in the arguments. The debate isn't bad. We need to express our ideas. It is being called names by people you don't know that struck deep inside me. Of course, I want to fight back, but I tried to be witty, instead. One called me an *ss wiper and I wrote back, "Yes, I am. I wiped many in my thirty years of nursing." I ended up deleting the joking remarks because I felt the person who's Face book page it was on I didn't know well enough to be stirring up trouble. Besides, I saved his dad's life once and that is how we connected when his dad twenty five years later was dying. I kept updated and prayed for him. I couldn't be hateful toward anyone on his comments.
We may not have peace in this divided country. I need peace in my soul. I need to do what the Bible tells me. We have to look at this historically. Did you know before the first Great Awakening back in the 1700's a majority of Americans were alcoholics, even children as young as eight to ten years old? Life was rough for them. Very few attended church, mostly because they didn't have one to attend. Most couldn't read even if they did have a Bible.
We have to look at this historically. As I referenced Abe Lincoln the other day, the country was so divided it caused Civil War. (I happened to find the small paperback book this morning-Abraham Lincoln, by Anne Colver- $0.50 and after all those years I pretty much remember this simple prose verbatim.)
I am with my friends who are sad. We are grieving for a country we may never see again. But we must remember as Christians, this is not our home. We love the people, we love the land and we pray for it, but our hearts are not to be too deeply entwined with it. I have a peace that this is where we should be going for the Kingdom plan. And if not, this is a pendulum that swings as always. People may think we are wrong, old fashioned, bigoted, intolerant, and many things I won't write, but please just pray for them, give them a cup of cold water, a word of love. Who knows this may be a chance to shine in the darkest hour?
I suppose as an old curse (or blessing-not sure) May you be born in interesting times(or the opposite for the blessing), is true today. We are surely living in interesting times. Look to Heaven. We still had a peaceful election and at least in Mercer County, we had a good turnout of 65%.
Read the Book and study up on the Constitution.
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