Monday, November 19, 2012


My NaNoWriMo writing is coming along well. I am behind, but feel I'm doing better than last year. It is such a strange way for me to write, though. I think I'm inclined to take the Ernest Hemingway style of writing. I read he re-read every day what he had written. I guess that is living in the story.
I'm reading Farewell to Arms, now. I got the version with all his re-writes and different endings. His style influenced me in high school when I had to read this novel for eleventh grade English with Mr. Yarian. Not only my writing, but I think in my understanding of men and love, at least this man's view of women. The choice of the nurse's name, Catherine, built on my love of the name. I chose to spell it with a 'K' in reference to my dad's Aunt Kate. He spoke fondly of her.
So as I'm rereading this novel, I see where he used a lot of dialogue, which I tend to do in my fiction as well. Conversation keeps the story going reflecting what the characters are thinking, to some extent.
I'm over half way toward the goal. I hope to catch it up some these next few days. Last evening I wrote over three thousand words. I had planned on writing more during the day, but my body told me I needed a Sabbath.
Interesting I was reading the Ten Commandments retold by Moses in Deuteronomy, this morning. This special day of rest will remind you that I reached out my mighty arm and rescued your from slavery in Egypt. 5:15. CEV.  The Sabbath was to be kept to remind the Israelite people of their deliverance from Egypt. They were to reflect on that fact on the day of rest. I think now we should take that day to reflect on our deliverance from sin, that is was through no work of our own. We need to rest in that knowledge.
But now every chance I get, I'm writing my novel, Summer Triangle. The first, frenzy version. The inner editor has to sleep on it, till December.
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