Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Forget

A somber day, gray overcast, flags half mast, I see driving. Quiet. I hardly heard the school buses. The expectation at thirteen years something can happen again and we're not awake. Do we slumber? No, our president spoke last night. We haven't given up the fight.
The day feels too quiet. The season is changing quicker than I like. Gray, somber is all I can see.
Shanksville, PA from my June trip
Cool, but not cold, yet.
That is what I remember most about a day I couldn't absorb. The quiet blue skies with no air traffic. The rush to get home to my babies, then. My husband with them, but I needed to hug them all. The next days of watching the news over and over. The worry attacks would continue. Stay away from the malls.
Do we slumber the days we don't remember? Life lulls us into sleep. We can't keep up with constant worry. Some do, though, our watchmen on the walls, whether military or pray warriors, they watch, ever vigilant. I am thankful for that and thankful, some days I can rest. I prayed more as foreboding crept around the last few days. The storms last night, the power outage this morning, the quiet today prompt my prayers. I don't worry as I reflect. I have left worry on the doorstep.
We must never forget. Yet, some days, we must rest from thoughts. Today, rest in God's sovereignty.
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