Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Goochland, VA

We stayed with Dad's army buddy, Deacon, after our first few days in Washington, D.C. on our trip to Perris Island. This was a great experience. I must say being Postmaster paid well, because their home was spacious. Each child had their own bathroom. The red brick house was built into the hill. A whole apartment was downstairs that my parents got to sleep in. I slept in the girl's room.
The bottom apartment went out to their lake. The boy and girl and I canoed in it. They also had a swimming pool, but we didn't see that as it still early in April to go swimming.
The children were taken out of their public schools because of "the blacks taking over" I couldn't understand that because in the morning, Pauline, a black woman, came, the girl gave her a big hug and Pauline short ordered cooked for us. Even at 9 years old I felt uncomfortable about this and wondered if they couldn't go to school with black children, why could they eat food fixed by a black woman? I was not a southerner.
I still had a great time there. And I enjoyed teasing the boy.(for the life of me, I can't remember their names) The girl was blond, blue eyed like me, just a year older than I. I remember we talked about ghosts being real, because there was the Holy Ghost. As kids you just talk about things, but I didn't ask about the black issue. I'm sure they really couldn't have answered me, anyways, except what their parents said, there were too many of them. They were on spring break anyways. What kid wants to talk about school on spring break?

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