Thursday, April 5, 2012


I'm flagging these last few days. I think that is the right word. Just tired and a bit detached, leaving me looking at the screen but not really seeing. Physical and emotional toil had their day. I finished all my home health work, at least for the present. I'm off for four days and my daughters are at Youth Convention in Hershey, PA.
I glance out my window and see the white round moon, seems to be tilting its head staring back at me. I wish we had last month's warm air. I hesitated to walk this evening after my work was done because of the chill. A walk would do me good, but I plan on seeing the sunrise, maybe with some eagles in the morning in Pymatuning. I love nature, yet sometimes not knowing what to wear will hold me inside. Too hot? Too cold? I'm Goldilocks, I want to be just right. Sometimes my couch is just right.
Coffee in a thermos and foggy breath in bright air appeal to me for tomorrow. Layers to shed, just like I'm going to shed the malaise of the last month. But it was more than malaise. Joy will fill my heart and I pray to be not be as downcast as I had been.
I'm relishing renewal. The Easter season, the Easter story brings that hope. We die, but we live again. Eternal life starts now. My spirit soars as I think of the eagles for I will mount up on wings like eagles. Eagles also go through a renewal period. And so must we. Sometimes, it seems often.
The moon is brighter as the air is probably getting colder. This is normal weather for the beginning of April. I loved seeing the white blossoms against the empty blue sky, then the wind blows the petals away, looking almost like snow, but oh, so fluffy.
I plan to write more. This weekend of revival holds the promise to get my head together. I'm learning, though, to rest the ambition, like the apostle Paul, to be content in all things. Tonight, I flag, tomorrow, I soar.
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