Monday, April 16, 2012

Ah, Eateries

I didn't think this would happen, but I have a bit of writer's block. I reviewed my past posts so as not to repeat myself, and I'm still not sure what to write about. My niece, Michelle, is anxious to hear about the Casino dances, but that is a summer topic. To keep up with the McDonald's story, I could write about the other fast food eateries, but that would show how spoiled I was. Well, why not?
Burger King on the corner of State Street and North Buhl Farm Drive entered the Shenango Valley around 1970. I detested it for some reason. Most likely the commercial that boasted,"It takes two hands to handle the Whopper." Yeah, I know you're singing it with me, huh? I called it the home of the "slopper."
I was strictly a McDonald's kid, hamburger, french fries and a milkshake- at every restaurant I was taken. Except the one time my dad took me to Cocoa Inn in Hershey, PA on the way to see my new niece, Debbie. Then I ordered shrimp.
So, I bulked at going to Burger King, absolutely refused. We had the Volks Wagen camper then, so Dad picked up my meal at Micky D's, then got theirs at Burger King, and we ate at the table in the camper. And I still made fun of the "slopper."
We did agree on Arby's, but that was a special fast food treat. The roast beef hung from chains near the counter. And that horsey sauce, in a bottle then, was the best. Round it off with a Jamocha shake and baby, you had a deal.
In Florida in  1974, I was introduced to Hardee's by Diane and Herman. We did chores around their condo on Saturday morning and scooted to Hardee's for lunch. I loved having great fun. I stayed with them for three weeks that summer. That's another post.
For a short stint, a dough nut shop where Eat-N-Park is now, was first a Burger Chef. The name of this shop was Frugal McDougals. The one time we went, the dough nuts were fresh and hot. In a journal, I started in fourth grade, I wrote about them, "They were yummy." Descriptive.
We loved to eat and still do. As Diane commented on tornado pictures around here from long ago, if you're eating Quaker Steak Wings in Dan's basement, let the winds howl. Which it is doing today, but sunny, the clouds are blowing over.
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